Top 8 Private Japanese Language Learning Institutes in India

Are you from India and planning to learn the Japanese Language? Confused about where to go and where to get enrolled? Here’s the answers to all your questions.

When it comes to education, people always prefer the best and most people, especially Indian mindsets have the tendency to prefer Government Institutions rather than the private ones. This choice occurs due to many factors, one of which is the monetary issue. The minimal fee that the government institutions charge is the main reason behind the higher preference of Government institutions. But the main problem that arises upon getting easy admissions is the tough competition to get a seat in those institutions. So, people drift towards the private institutions. But there’s a problem in it too.

Which Japanese language school to opt for? Which are the best private institutes to pursue Japanese language course in India?

Here’s the end to all your queries. Below is a list of top 8 private Japanese Language Institutes in India:


  1. Team Language Services (TLS) – The Japanese Language Institute

Team Language Services (TLS)日本語学, one of the best Japanese language schools in Delhi NCR promises quality education. The institute trains one and all to attain the best of language skills and opens up numerous career opportunities within India and abroad. With its specialties being JLPT preparation, Kaiwa, career development and Cultural Exchange activities, the school holds an outstanding faculty which makes learning easier. TLS has other facilities such a smart library, well-equipped classrooms and it provides classes in both online and offline modes.

Address: Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station, Gate No:5, East Delhi


Contact: +91-011-22500223

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  1. Mirai Japanese Learning Centre

Mirai Japanese Learning Centre under Skyvision Edutech (A Unit of Skyvision Guide Pvt Ltd) (スカイビジョンガイドPvt Ltd) is a institute offering specialized language in Japanese with the purpose of providing top-notch Japanese language proficiency in reading, writing and speaking courses to people curious about Japanese Language learning. This institute is associated with Transformation and Development/State Innovation and Transformation Aayog (Govt of India), CHI-SKILLS connections. Along with effective Japanese Language Classes, the institute provides training to those who aspire to work in Japan under SSW/TITP program.

Address: Uzan Bazar, Guwahati

Contact: +91- 6000733613

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  1. Kotoba Japanese Learning Center

Kotoba Japanese Learning is another innovative, scientific and modern methodological Japanese language institute which provides both online and offline classes along with training the students for TITP (Technical Internship Training Program) and SSW (Specified Skill Worker). The institute offers JLPT classes with cultural training and placement assistance facilities.

Address: Dum Dum Cant, Kolkata

Contact: +91- 7044067831

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  1. Upgrade Infotech

Upgrade Infotech is a Japanese Language institute with licensed trainers who are capable of supplying holistic knowledge in every language they teach. They provide new JLPT-oriented study material from Japan.

This institute also offers other courses such as IELTS classes, Software testing, French Language Course, German Language Course and Mandarin Language Course.

Address: Mumbai West

Contact: +91- 070213-48186

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  1. NEC Japanese Language Academy (NLJA)

NEC Japanese Language Academy (NLJA), established in 2016, is based in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. This language school specializes in grooming individuals to face the corporate world without hesitation. Moreover, it provides training for JLPT. It offers Japanese translation and interpretation practices as well as Japanese Cultural etiquettes.

Address: A-31, Lajpat Nagar-2, New Delhi.


Contact: 011- 46015880

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  1. Nihongo Center

Nihongo Centre located in Saket is yet another leading institute providing Japanese Language Courses in Delhi. The institute offers both part-time and full-time courses along with JLPT preparations. They provide in-house corporate trainings along with other activities.\

Address: 33 A, Saidulajab, M.B. Road, Near Saket Metro Station, New Delhi.


Contact: 011- 41655170

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  1. SonaJapan Japanese Language Academy

Founded in 2016 in Japan by Sonal Shah, the SJL Academy aims to provide the Japanese Language Course to the learners with the extraordinary as well as innovative features, with hi-tech and well-designed classrooms and webinars. Shah first established her institute in Japan and brought it up to the learners in India.

Address: A/705, Sunkersett Palace, J D Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai


Contact: 09022290128

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  1. Jaceex Ventures LLP (Japan Centre of Excellence)

JACEEX, located in the North- eastern part of India offers a range of services such as: Japanese Language and Culture Training, Career Counselling and facilitation for admission to Japanese Universities, Study-Skill-Work in Japan 5- year Integrated program, Emigration and Placement of the Japan ready candidates under the G2G-TITP and SSW Programs and Internships and Student Exchange programs in Japan etc. The institute provides classes in both online and offline modes.

Address: Digholipukhuri, Guwahati

Contact: 080107-09709

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