How to apply for a Japan Work Visa?

People from foreign lands who enter Japan with the intention working in Japan, needs a work visa. Before knowing about the process of application one must be aware of the different types Japanese Work Visas. Japanese Work Visas are of three types:

• Regular Japan Work Visa: This visa is issued for a number of professions such as of a professor or artist.

• Highly Skilled Japan Visa: This visa offers a longer period of stay and more benefits than a regular work visa.

• Working Holiday Japan Visa: This visa is issued to nationals of countries, those who have a working holiday agreement with Japan.

What is the eligibility criteria of Japan work visa?

Every foreign national who wants to move to Japan for work requires a Japan work visa. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a list of occupations which are eligible for Japanese Work Visas. The list includes artists, business managers, engineer or specialists in humanities and international services, sportspersons, instructors or teachers, transferee, media persons, legal or accounting workers, medical service holders, professors, priests, skilled workers and technical interns.

What are the documents required for the application of Japan Work Visa?

Here’s the list of supporting documents which a person applying for Japan Work Visa must submit:

• A fully and properly filled Japan Work Visa application form downloaded from the official website of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Valid passport with its photocopies

• Passport-size photos with the following requirements:

Taken within the last 3 months
Dimensions: 4cm*3cm
Plain white background
Facing straight with neutral face expression
Fully visible face
The picture must be of good-quality

Previous academic and professional documents

Previous work experience documents

Things to Note:

The Certificate of Eligibility is another most essential document.

More documents apart from the aforementioned list of documents as per the requirements of Japanese Embassy or Consulate.

How to Certificate of Eligibility?

Every person who migrates to Japan for a long-term purpose must have a Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Services in Japan.

Please keep in mind that the Certificate of Eligibility for Japan doesn’t compensate the visa requirement, rather it is only a document essential for the application of Japan Visa.

How long does the visa application process take?

The time period of processing a Japan visa is between 5-10 working days (although this time period may differ depending on the type of office where the visa is applied).
Duration of the Japan work visa

Japan Work Visas can be issued for the following durations:

• Three months
• Four months
• One year
• Three years
• Five years

However, this duration can be further extended if the requirements are met in a proper manner.

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